GTA | Geometry, Topology and Applications


The Geometry, Topology and Applications (GTA) group is composed of 11 PhD members, 6 PhD students and 1 scholarship.

The main areas of the group's research are Algebraic Topology, Differential Geometry, Discrete Geometry, General Relativity and Mathematical Biology. 

Doctors supervise research work at Master, Doctoral and Post-Doc levels and have collaborations with several national and foreign researchers.  


PHD Members

Non PHD Members

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Last Publications

Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures | 2021

Seher Fişekci

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science | 2021

From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations. ICPS 2019, ICPS 2018, ICPS 2017. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics | 2021

Carolina Ribeiro

Fernanda Costa

Physical Review D | 2020

J. Carot

E. Vaz

Revista de la Union Matematica Argentina | 2020


C.P. Avelino

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