Black Holes and Solitons in General Relativity: Theoretical foundation, Uniqueness, and No Go theorems

online | | 14:30

João M. S. Oliveira

CENTRA - Instituto Superior Técnico

Black Holes (BH) have been one of the most fascinating predictions of General Relativity (GR) and even today they are one of the most widely studied objects in mathematical physics. Other kinds of solutions that have garnered some attention over the years are the different types of Solitons, localized stable solutions that can represent as of yet unseen objects in the Universe. However, there may be various different types of BHs and Solitons that are solutions of different models of matter distribution in GR. It is then important to find a solid theoretical construction of these models and to understand if and when they can have solutions. We discuss some of the theoretical foundations of GR, followed by a discussion of what are BHs and Solitons and how we can restrict the possibility of their existence in specific models.

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