Theses Type Year Student Nationality Advisor(s) Status Link
Applications of Dynamical Systems in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance PhD Isabel Cristina da Silva Duarte Portugal Alberto Pinto In Progress
Learning and inference for human-robot collaboration Screen reader support enabled. PhD 2016 Paulo Sérgio Cunha Vicente Estela Bicho In Progress
Fast methods for solving certain structured linear systems PhD 2018 Hcini Fahd Skander Belhaj In Progress
Spatial and temporal modelling in fisheries and environmental sciences PhD 2020 Daniela de Jesus Pereira da Silva Portugal Susana Garrido In Progress
On the rational topological complexity of elliptic spaces PhD 2020 Said Hamoun Morocco Youssef Rami In Progress
Modelos de Previsão a Curto Prazo para Variáveis Meteorológicas PhD 2021 Portugal Marco Costa In Progress
Kinetic models in cell Biology PhD 2021 , In Progress
Mathematical modelling and analysis of biological and environmental systems PhD 2021 , In Progress
Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Propagating Detonation Waves and Contact Problems for Shell Structures PhD 2021 Portugal Ángel Arós Rodríguez In Progress
Topology of higher-dimensional automata PhD 2022 Portugal In Progress