Luís Filipe Meira Machado

Associate Professor with habilitation

University of Minho

Luís Meira Machado is Associate Professor with Habilitation in the Department of Mathematics of University of Minho, Portugal.

Luís research interests are in the areas of survival analysis, having a specific interest in multi-state models, nonparametric estimation, ROC curves, generalized additive models, and computational statistics. Lately, he has been interested in the application of these methodologies in machine learning.

His main scientific contributions are in multi-state models (including the estimation of transition probabilities), in computational statistics (including the development of R packages) and in smoothing methods (including presmoothing and additive models).

He has authored or co-authored more than 43 journal articles or book chapters, 9 packages in the CRAN R repository, and more than 70 conference communications. He has supervised 2 doctoral theses (one completed) and 3 post-doc researchers. He participates or has participated in several research projects funded by FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation), being the coordinator in one of them. He was a member of the scientific committee and invited sessions organizer in various scientific conferences. He has been frequent reviewer of publications submitted to the main journals in his field. He has participated in the organizing committees of several national and international scientific conferences, being the chairman in one of them.