Luís Filipe Meira Machado

Full Professor

University of Minho

Luís Meira Machado is Full Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Minho, Portugal.

Luís research interests are in the areas of survival analysis, having a specific interest in multi-state models, nonparametric estimation, ROC curves, generalized additive models, and computational statistics. Lately, he has been interested in the application of these methodologies in machine learning.

With over 53 journal articles and book chapters, he's made significant contributions, including advancements in multi-state models and computational statistics, showcased by the creation of 12 packages in the CRAN R repository. 

As a mentor, Luís has supervised 2 doctoral theses and guided the research of 3 post-doctoral researchers. Additionally, he is currently supervising two ongoing doctoral theses.  Luís has also served on scientific committees, organized sessions, and is a frequent reviewer for top journals. Additionally, he has led the Department of Mathematics and currently serves as President of the Portuguese Statistical Society.