Variational inequalities and Lagrange multipliers

Variational inequalities and Lagrange multipliers

Sala de Seminários do DMAT

2023-11-02 - 15:00

Lisa Santos

CMAT,  Universidade do Minho

ANAP group seminar

We will present a survey of variational and quasi-variational inequalities with first-order restrictions and the associated Lagrange multipliers problems.To simplify the presentation, we will restrict ourselves to the case of a constraint on the gradient of a scalar function. The difficulties introduced if we consider other types of constraints will be explained.

The importance that the convergence of convex sets in the sense of Mosco has for solving quasivariational inequalities will be explained, and a relevant partial result, recently published, will be presented.

 (Joint works with A. Azevedo, D. Azevedo, F. Miranda and J.F. Rodrigues)