On semicompleteness of Halphen systems

On semicompleteness of Halphen systems


2023-03-01 - 14:30

Speaker: Ahmed Elshafei (CMAT - University of Minho)

GTA group seminar


Title: "On semicompleteness of Halphen systems"

Abstract: "Halphen vector fields are part of the vast literature of special equations and integrable systems appearing mathematics and physics. An important work on the subject is that of A. Guillot, where he showed that Halphen vector fields on C3 naturally define a projective structure in the thrice punctured sphere. More importantly, the Halphen vector field is semicomplete if and only if the mentioned projective structure is induced by a triangular group. In this work, we generalize Guillot’s idea, establishing the correspondence in question between semicomplete Halphen vector fields on a 3-dimensional affine variety and projective structures induced by general Kleinian groups."

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