Kinetic models and applications to biological systems

Room 3.08 of DMat at UMinho | - | 14:30


Ana Jacinta Soares

CMAT - University of Minho


Abstract ::  In many problems arising in Applied Mathematics, in particular in the interface of mathematics with natural and life sciences, one important aspect is the presence of different scaling regimes of evolution. In particular, when modeling biological systems,one should be able to describe the global behaviour of the cellular populations in terms of macroscopic equations and also the cellular dynamics and the biological expression of cells in terms of microscopic equations. The kinetic theory of mixtures, a branch of statistical mechanics, could provide a rather good approach to the microscopic description and, at the same time, it allows to obtain the corresponding macroscopic analogue as the hydrodynamic limit of the kinetic equations.

In this seminar, I will present some interesting problems and applications of the kinetic theory to biological systems.


Seminar Room of DMat-UMinho (3.08), and via zoom at

Seminar for the Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics (MAP-PDMA Seminar)