Celebration of World Logic Day

Celebration of World Logic Day

DMAT Lab4 and ECUM amphitheater


18 January 2024, DMAT Lab4 and ECUM amphitheatre

Since 2019, when UNESCO declared January 14 as World Logic Day, the date is celebrated globally. In 2014, CMAT invites the academia to join in a celebration on Thursday, January 18.


18 January, 11:00, DMAT Lab4
Ralph Matthes (Ralph Matthes (IRIT, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, Toulouse INP, UT3, Toulouse, France))
Univalent foundations for working in category theory (online talk)

18 January, 11:45, DMAT Lab4
René Gazzari (CMAT)
Some ideas of proof-theoretic semantics

18 January, 14:30, ECUM amphitheater
José Francisco Meirinhos (University of Porto)
A lógica de Pedro Hispano e a formação intelectual da Europa

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